Light range crane BAKM 460. Maximum lifting capacity 2.5t, maximum hydraulic crane radius 6.3m
Medium range crane BAKM 890. Maximum lifting capacity 2.3t, maximum hydraulic crane radius 7.1m
Medium range crane BAKM 1040. Maximum lifting capacity 3t, maximum hydraulic crane radius 9.4m
Heavy range crane BAKM 1600. Maximum lifting capacity 6.3t, maximum hydraulic crane radius 11m

High quality and technological level characterize truck cranes of BAKM. In manufacture automatic and semi-automatic welding of metal designs is applied only. All hydroequipment passes the entrance control and bench tests. The major advantage of truck cranes BAKM in comparison with the Russian analogues is their small own weight. It is achieved due to application of effective constructive decisions, high-strength corrosion-proof chrome-nickel steels for welded metal designs and the hydroequipment of a high pressure. Pipes of hydrosystem are executed from stainless steel, the pipeline armature and connecting elements of hydrounits have protective galvanic coverings. All truck cranes are tested at the stand under loading, and after installation for a vehicle - acceptance tests and full primary technical survey. Truck cranes BAKM fully comply with Russian and international safety requirements and have the corresponding certificate. On characteristics, specific material capacity and to technological opportunities they are at a level of the best world (global) samples.

The enterprise releases the unified line of load-lifting truck cranes BAKM 460, BAKM 890, BAKM 1200, BAKM 1600, BAKM 90L with the loading moment from 4.6 tm up to 16 tm and lifting capacity from 2.5 t up to 6.3 t. Truck cranes of Joint-Stock Company “BAKM” are the highly effective load-lifting machines of new generation intended for mechanization of cargo handling works, self-loading and unloading of a vehicle on which are set. They compactly develop in transport position, have small weight and are mounted practically on all trucks. The weight of truck crane, as a rule, does not exceed 20-25 % of useful carrying capacity of the base automobile that provides an opportunity effectively to use the automobile on direct purpose - for transportation of cargoes.
Truck cranes can be completed with the various replaceable equipment: hydraulic captures for piece cargoes and containers, grab buckets for granular and fine granular materials or with a cradle for lifting of people etc. Truck cranes are effectively used in a municipal services, on few-floor construction, repair-regenerative works, on the dispersed objects and in lack-of-space conditions with success replacing self-propelled boom cranes and towers.

According to experts, application of truck cranes allows to reduce twice number of automobiles for delivery of cargoes due to liquidation of unproductive idle times pending loading and unloading, to reduce in 2-3 times number of drivers and other workers and terms of delivery of cargoes, to refuse in the big number of cases application of boom, tower and other cranes on cargo handling works.
Depending on a vehicle on which the truck crane is set, it is equipped with one-stage or two-stage remote hydrosupport (outriggers) with base of 3.5 or 4.6 m, or in addition two more outriggers. Under the order, management of working operations can be from one of two boards located on both sides of a vehicle or from a column where the seat of the operator in this case is set. Also tuck cranes can be equipped with electrohydraulic system of the remote control, allowing to operate the truck crane from distance.


BAKM 460
BAKM 890
BAKM 1040
BAKM 1600


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